Have you ever imagined how furlongs of sea in no time became an Estate of terraced apartment? How barren ground produced high-rise buildings (in a twinkle of an eye)?
You might as well have pondered endlessly whose magic wand turned the old tattered(with poorly thatched roof) building opposite your house into a 21st century castle, now newly-embellished in unbeatable grandeur and style with better and posh facilities —-a total transformation, you will say!

The foregoing are few out of the many questions running through our minds as humans regarding Housing or Real Estate and the process of change highlighted above is professionally called “Real Estate Development” it is arguably the biggest facet under the Real Estate Industry.

With our ……………….. of experience in Project Management and wealth of creative experience in the unveiling and the re-inventing of classical and unique housing designs, and the constructing and erecting of same through the most perfect pooling of the best professionals (of Architects, Construction Engineers, Surveyors, building Artisans etc. ) in the Industry, our noblest services still remain unmatched and most coveted.


What more can you wish for?



According to a foremost writer and leading mentor in Real Estate, “…you make a living with your hand, but you create wealth through your mind”.


Stockland Homes and Properties Limited have carved a niche’ for herself as first class consultants in Real Estate matters to promote ………..and the government in the real estate industry in Africa, leading innovative ideas and most practicable on real estate development to our teeming clients across the globe.



Our clients (and prospective clients) are better assured of the beat and real value for their moves/instruments (in real estate) with our most dexterous and highly competent property managers with enviable level of experience sp……… the industry



Stockland Homes and Properties limited, Our legal ……… which is most fortified by our most proficient legal team of both internal and external solicitors, is readily available at all time to humanize the individual interest of our clients and further asset then in protecting their interests within the ambition/confines of the law and their sacred rights.